Lab Pulled from Icy Water

By: Caitlin Burke

Apr 03 2009

Category: dogs

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West Newbury firefighter Bob Janes pulls Charlie, a black Lab, from the icy water near the Moulton Street reservoir with the help of fellow firefighter, Lt. Greg Evans, right. The dog, Charlie, sat half-submerged through the ice for nearly an hour yesterday after he ran away from his owner. Because the area was well off the road in a swampy area at the south end of the reservoir, West Newbury Assistant fire Chief Steve Arnold said yesterday it took firefighters nearly 30 minutes to get to the dog and more time to get the dog out of the water, as he clung to a piece of broken ice. “We had to go through the woods over to grandmother’s house to get him out,” Arnold said yesterday of the firefighters’ trek through the woods to get to the dog. “We took the rescue sled out and the wet suit, but we couldn’t get to him with the sled, so one of the firefighters walked out in the wet suit and got him. He was out there for a while.” (March 24, 2009) —Photo: Ben Laing/Staff photos

[ Source – with more details and remarks about ice rescues even of wild or deceased animals as a public-safety measure ]

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