Two Cats Rescued from Fire

By: Caitlin Burke

Apr 30 2009

Category: cats

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Beatrice, NE—As fire teams responded to the scene, Knowles and Hartung informed the department that they had several cats that were still in the house. Hartung said that two of their cats had given birth earlier in the week and the kittens were in the basement. Firefighters worked to clear the house of smoke and extinguish the fire while searching for the cats. One cat was returned to Knowles immediately while two more adult cats were found after smoke had been cleared. Both cats were taken to the Beatrice Animal Hospital where they were being treated for smoke inhalation. A box with two kittens was retrieved relatively unharmed and given back to Knowles and Hartung. Knowles hoped the kittens would all be given new homes in the next few weeks.. (Apr 29, 2009) —Photo by Chris Dunker/Daily Sun staff

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