Chihuahua Rescued from Burning House

By: Caitlin Burke

May 14 2009

Category: dogs

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Focal Length:60mm
Shutter:1/200 sec
Camera:NIKON D60

Neighbors smashed in windows and broke down the door in an attempt to rescue an elderly man from his burning house Monday morning. … “We proceeded to kick the door in and see if the old man was in there. We ran around to the back and saw that the house was fully engulfed in flames,” said Tim Guyton. … Turns out, the only ones at home were two Chihuahuas – of which one died and the other received care from paramedics at the scene. The surviving dog was not burned but inhaled a substantial amount of smoke before a Gastonia firefighter pulled it out of the house. EMTs Melissa Poole and Mark Hines treated a canine for the first time, holding a child-sized oxygen mask to the dog’s face. (May 11, 2009) —Photo credit not given in article for this photo. Other incident photos by Mike Hensdill/Gaston Gazette.

[ Source with additional photos, of firefighters working in and around the house ]

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