Kittens Pulled from Wall

By: Caitlin Burke

May 31 2009

Category: cats

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OK, no firefighter or uniform/paraphenalia in this shot, but look at that crying kitten!

The misadventuring trio are safe after a city firefighter and business owner ripped into the walls of his building on South Main Street in a rescue effort after he heard the meowing of three kittens Monday and Tuesday. “Gotcha,” said Kent Gwaltney as he pulled one from the wall, and he put them in a box, only to be met with a meow from yet another of the trapped kittens. Gwaltney, owner of Farmers Feed and Seed and a Suffolk firefighter, rescued the three kittens late Tuesday, eventually breaking into three different walls to find them. They are now living in a reinforced box and will soon be available to his customers for adoption. (May 29, 2009) —Photo: Preston Gannaway | The Virginian-Pilot

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