Stuck in a Car Wheel?

By: Caitlin Burke

May 21 2009

Category: cats

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RAF Honington base, Suffolk, UK—Despite a desperate search by owners, Lee and Chloe Nocton , Frank was unable to be found – with his unfortunate caper happening just five doors down from the concerned couple…. The couple, who only moved to the base in October, also praised the action of fire-fighters who painstakingly used hydraulic cutting equipment to free Frank as its head peeped through the small hole in the middle of the wheel. Watch manager James Fawcett, from Bury St Edmunds fire station, where the rescue took place, estimated the cat might have been stuck in the tyre for a few hours before she was found. Following the ordeal, RSPCA animal collection officer, Justin Stubbs, looked after the cat – which had been christened Casper – until the owners were found…. (May 11, 2009) —Photo: Paul Turner, Suffolk Fire Service

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