Snowy Owl Rescued from Frozen Lake

By: Caitlin Burke

May 04 2013

Category: birds

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Edmonton, ON— Firefighters were called to fetch a snowy owl left tangled and teetering on thin ice near open water Tuesday after attempts to capture the bird went awry. Rescuers from the Strathcona Raptor Shelter were trying to snag the injured owl with a net when it took off, dragging the net and poles behind. The poles fell into open water, and the owl was stranded. Fears of thin ice kept the rescuers from running out to help. Fire crews arrived quickly, donned survival suits and pulled a zodiac across the ice. They grabbed the bird by the talons and carried it to shore inside the net. “I didn’t want to take the chance, but you can’t just leave her and walk away,” said Hardy Pletz, a hobbyist licensed to trap birds of prey. “Never had the fire department out before….” (April 8, 2009) —Photo: Supplied, Edmonton Journal

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