Dog Rescued from Smoky Basement

By: Caitlin Burke

Mar 27 2009

Category: dogs

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Spokane Valley, WA — What started out as a routine basement fire turned into a pet rescue in the Spokane Valley on Wednesday.
… Firefighters headed to the basement of the home, there they found a small fire burning in the furnace room. Crews quickly extinguished the fire, but quickly realized they had another problem on their hands. Crews searched the rest of the basement and found the family’s dog unresponsive but still alive. According to Spokane Valley Fire Chief Bill Clifford, firefighters then carried the dog outside and placed a pet oxygen mask over the Labrador’s snout. With the help of oxygen, the dog began to slow it’s breathing and began to respond to [its] owners. (March 18, 2009) —Photo:

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