Like Some Kind of Action Movie

By: Caitlin Burke

Mar 30 2009

Category: cats

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Marlborough, MA—Firefighters used oxygen to revive two cats that were overcome by smoke in a fire that damaged a single-family house on Russell Street [March 17, 2009]… No one was home at the time and no injuries were reported. However, two of the four cats in the house required oxygen to revive them. A third cat was not injured. The fourth, found hiding in the basement, eluded capture, fire officials said. The other cats were taken to Hudson Animal Hospital for treatment. —Photo: Ken McGagh/Daily News staff

A commenter (aquainted with the house/cats owner) on the story notes: “Marlborough Fire Department saw the sticker on the door about there being 4 cats and took the time and effort to go look for them.”

[ Definitely visit source for more wonderful pix of this rescue – also prints are available via source! ]

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