Goose Coaxed Off Ice

By: Caitlin Burke

Mar 18 2009

Category: birds

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Calls from concerned workers at an office park brought West Bridgewater firefighters to a nearly frozen pond today, where an injured goose was frozen in the ice. When approached by Firefighter David Niklason wearing a cold water rescue suit, the bird scrambled away, eventually heading for the nearby woods. Fire Chief Leonard Hunt said the department attempted the rescue to keep well-meaning good Samaritans off the ice. “We look at it from the point of view of, if we don’t go do it, then somebody, a civilian, will try to do it. And we’ll end up with a civilian rescue,” said Hunt. “We tell people all the time if you see something like that, call us.” (Dec 23, 2008) —Photo: George Rizer/Globe Staff

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