Cows Rescued from Mud

By: Caitlin Burke

Apr 21 2009

Category: cattle

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Five fire crews, two hovercraft, a tractor, mats and ropes were involved in a race against time to extricate seven cows after they became stuck in deep mud in a river estuary. The cattle were trapped at low tide near the mouth of River Parrett, close to Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset. … “We were delighted to be able to help the animals, who were clearly distressed after they had become trapped in the mud,” [said BARB’s Steve Perks]. The animals are believed to have entered the river from nearby fields after being “spooked”, he said. Mark Newman, chairman of Burnham-on-Sea Area Rescue Boat, said: “We have rescued many things out of the mud down the years – horses, sheep, people, cars – but nothing compared to a herd of cows. Six of them had waded out into the deepest part of the tributary. It was a battle to get them out as they were sinking into the mud…. (April 17, 2009) —Photo: PA

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