Trapped Terriers Freed

By: Caitlin Burke

Apr 20 2009

Category: dogs

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Two terriers were dug out of a rabbit warren after they became trapped five feet under the ground. … Firefighters from Haywards Heath, who had to request for permission from Natural England before they could dig, tracked the dogs using specialist listening and camera equipment. The crews and the Technical Rescue Unit freed the dogs six hours after the initial call at 2pm on Tuesday. [O]wner Ms Hartshorn, of Southview Road, Southwick, said: “I was reluctant to call the fire service as I wasn’t sure if they even attended incidents like these. But they were absolutely fantastic and I wouldn’t have had a chance of finding my dogs if it weren’t for them. I didn’t even know whereabouts underground they were as there were holes everywhere.” (April 7, 2009) —Photo credit not given in article

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