Firefighter Adopts Rescuee

By: Caitlin Burke

Oct 30 2009

Category: cats

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BIRMINGHAM fireman Mike Jenkins took his work home with him – when he adopted a kitten he rescued from beneath a pile of old wood. Mike, based at Hay Mills station, thought the black and white puss was the cat’s whiskers after saving her in the garden of a house in Sparkbrook. The four-week-old kitten, which has been named Sparkle, came into Mike’s life at just the right time as his family’s cat, Marmalade, was run over and killed a month earlier. Dad-of-two Mike said: “When we moved to the Midlands we got a cat as a sweetener for our nine-year-old daughter, Alisha. Then a month ago, it was run over and Alisha was devastated. “When we rescued the kitten, I told my wife Diane what had happened and she said we should adopt her. Alisha was delighted.” (Oct 21, 2009) —Photo credit not given in article.

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