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By: Caitlin Burke

Nov 10 2009

Category: horses

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A horse trapped in a slurry pit being rescued by fire crew—Photo: PA

A survey of fire services across the UK has revealed the dozens of species that have required the aid of crews. Firefighters have been involved in 10,726 animal rescues over the past two years, at a cost of £8.5 million. (18 Oct 2009)

More numbers:
cats: 2,826 call-outs
dogs: 2,277
birds: 2,049 (108 seagulls!)
horses: 1,909
cattle: 955
deer: 244
foxes: 34
squirrels: 21
18 hamsters
badgers and hedgehogs: 10 each
seals: 9
whales: at least 4
dolphins: 4
gerbils, chinchillas and iguanas: 3 each
otter: 1

Other animals: ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, a rat, a boa, a buffalo, a raccoon, and even 2 fish!

Dogs often became stuck in household appliances, while cats generally became trapped in trees. Some rescues required lots of equipment, while others were easier:

When firefighters from the Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service were called to an address in Tilehurst, Reading, to assist a squirrel stuck on a roof, their log recorded simply: “Persuaded down by brigade. 1 hour.”

[ Read the whole article for information about costs and other rescue details ]

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