Spikey River Rescue

By: Caitlin Burke

Feb 07 2010

Category: dogs

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Spikey was the subject of a water rescue in the LA river a couple of weeks ago. This story seemed to attract an unusual amount of attention, perhaps because his dramatic rescue from a frightening situation with fast-running water included him biting one of his rescuers, and resulted in a lot of coverage posing and answering the question of why fire departments engage in these rescues. The same list comes out every time: a life is a life, rescuing an animal promptly reduces the risk that a “civilian” will need to be rescued after making an attempt, and staging these rescues keeps the skills sharp for people in an occupation that can have an awful lot of downtime.

The publicity ensured that Spikey’s non-English-speaking owner learned he was alive and well – both of her dogs were lost when they got out of her yard, and the other one was found by animal control. Welcome home, Spikey!

Sources: Google news search, Baltimore Sun blog, video in the related links under the main story here

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