Baby Deer in a Net!

By: Caitlin Burke

May 07 2010


Category: deer

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First, a happy tale, as imparted by Jeanine Asche of the San Mateo County Library. Asche works near the Crystal Springs watershed. Earlier this week, she was walking with a colleague during their afternoon break and heard a strange crying sound, which they thought might have been from a hawk.

Asche, however, soon realized that the noise was coming from a storm drain. “Peering over the side, both of us were completely surprised to see a small fawn, about the size of a house cat, looking up at us and crying helplessly,” Asche said.

She called animal control, but they told her that it might be a while before an officer could respond. So Asche walked to a nearby state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection station, and four firefighters — Scott Ernest, Brian Robbins, Carlos Lomeli and John Riddell — immediately geared up to help. Two San Mateo County sheriff’s deputies happened by the scene and also offered their assistance.

By then, the frightened deer had retreated farther into the storm drain. After some discussion, the firefighters decided to use their hose to push the deer through the storm drain, straight into an animal control net held by a sheriff’s deputy. (May 7, 2010) —Photo: Jeanine Asche

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