Wabi Sabi Mittens!

By: Caitlin Burke

May 08 2010

Category: cats

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Four weeks ago, the Kenmore firefighter braved the sharp claws of Indooroopilly moggie Wabi Sabi Mittens to rescue her from atop the Chapel Hill water reservoir.

He was reunited with the cat and her grateful owner Bella on Thursday.

Mother Sarah Henry said Bella and her siblings Matt and Libby had been distraught after Wabi went missing for three days.

“When Wabi was missing Matt would go outside and call out for him over and over,” she said.

“It was heartbreaking to watch, so you can imagine our delight when we got the call from the RSPCA, on the day of Bella’s sixth birthday no less, to say the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service had rescued him.” Mr Mitchell said he had picked up a few scratches while bringing Wabi back down to earth.

“He just wanted to be back home and I don’t blame him.” (March 24, 2010) —Photo credit not given in article

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